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This is a very basic outline to the Game Grumps Musical. There’s no dialogue just some basic plot points.

Fades to white while playing Game Grumps Orchestral -

Our heroes, Jon and Arin who live in the state of Mississippi, start a new channel titled: Game Grumps. Jon then asks Arin on what game to play first. Arin looks around the room and notices a game standing out among the rest. He picks it up and hands Jon Goof Troop for the Super Nintendo. A montage plays showing the game grumps rise to internet fame. Goof Troop Boop plays.

After reaching the peak of internet fame, the Grumps are contacted by a shady businessman about making Game Grumps a Television Show. Arin detests at first but Jon then explains the possibilities through the song Baboom.

The Business Man returns to his huge business ass building. He is then seen entering a conference room where he then explains his plan to take control of the grumps and force them to play Sonic 06 while he replaces them with his own evil game playing duo through the song Color of the Game.

We return to Jon and Arin who are still discussing the option of turning the grumps into a TV show. Jon is entirely up for it while Arin still has his doubts and suspicions. Jon then receives a call from the businessman asking whether they agree or not. Jon and Arin both finally decide to do it.

A few days later, Arin and Jon are woken up by a limo driver asking them if they’re ready to depart. Both are questioning where. It turns out the grumps are being relocated to New York so they can film the show. Jon quickly agrees while Arin is a little hesitant. Jon turns to Arin and convinces him to join him.

They arrive in New York and then are dropped off at the Networks HQ and are given a quick tour then released back on the streets to find their new apartments. Lost and confused, Jon and Arin encounter many obstacles such as rouge animals and muggers. Their pain is expressed through the song The Fast Runner.

The Next morning, the grumps arrive at the HQ once more, where Jon sees the Beautiful Secretary oddly named Sophia Lowrain. He quickly falls in love with her. The grumps also go through their first day of filming and is expressed through the song Sofia Lo-Ren.

After the first week of filming, the grumps receive their first paycheck. Both are blown away by the amount. They decide to go on a shopping spree. Arin sets his eyes on a new pair shoes that resemble bananas. The shopping scene is expressed through a montage while singing the song Banana Shoes.

While the grumps are on the shopping spree. Two mysterious men kidnap Sophia. These two men are then revealed to be named the Poppy Bros. They are almost clones of Jon and Arin. They reveal their intentions to kidnap Jon’s love interest so that the grumps with try to save her. Then they will lure them into a trap in which they will be gone for good. And with the Game Grumps gone, the evil network will put the Poppy Bros in their spots and have control over the entire Grump franchise including: Rule 34 Fan Art, Grump mixes, and Game Grumps Animated. Which they will use to make millions of dollars. They sing the song Poppy Bros.

The next morning the Grumps get a knock on the door. When they answer it, there is no one there but there is a note on the door explaining that they have captured Sophia. They quickly see a car speeding off. Both of them quickly chase after it. Epic chase scene music: Arin’s Moans, Jon’s Screams.

The grumps are then captured just as planned when they arrive at the HQ and thrown into a dark cell. They both express their regret in deciding to become sellouts by singing about life Back in Mississippi.

Then suddenly a T.V. screen comes out of the wall and the Evil businessman’s voice can be heard. He is forcing them to play Sonic 06 or else they will hurt the girl. They agree to do it. Jon and Arin put themselves in a state of memory where they played games for fun and not for fame. They share the memory of playing the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters while singing the song Emotional Claws.

Sonic 06 then glitches so hard the PS3 it is being played on explodes, making a whole in the wall. The grumps take this opportunity to escape and head for the top of the HQ where Sophia is apparently being held.

The grumps then arrive at the top where the Poppy Bros are surprised at them being alive. The Bros start tossing explosives towards them in a last attempt to destroy the grumps. But the grumps execute a magnificent and slightly homo-erotic display of martial arts and beat the shit out of the Bros. They perform the song Bros & Power Chords while the battle finishes.

Jon, Arin and soon to be Jon’s wife, Sophia, return to Mississippi where they go back to the good old days and play for fun. While playing Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, they discover that by going up the stairs or down the stairs, the balls in the castle stop moving, thus being paused. they go on to sing the song Pause Balls.

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